WFW 2014


The focused week of action aims to catalyse female participation in education by inviting institutions to deliver one activity, just for women.

WFW 2013 saw over 1,000 women in 82 colleges take part in activity, and with British Universities & Colleges now on board, the 2014 week is set to be the biggest yet!

Kirsty NSMT

This is a fantastic opportunity for colleges and universities across the country to get creative and engage with female student’s right at the start of the academic year. Whether it be linking in with current provision, or innovating something completely new and pioneering, we hope you enjoy the week and look forward to hearing all about your activities.

Women's Football Week 2014 Guidance

Women's Football Week poster templates

Please click on the institutions name within the left hand column to find out about the different Women's Football Week events that went on throughout the country.