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Team 19 in Telford College is instrumental in encouraging students aged 16 to 19 years old from all over the college, male or female, to sign up to fun but competitive football leagues other wise known as Telford College Team 19. The leagues in our college run as small sided games and it's all about getting new players playing so you don't have to be the best footballer to win its about being involved. 

At Telford College we have a very successful number of Team 19 five aside leagues running with 2 x Male leagues every Monday from 12 - 1pm where we have a premier division and Championship division running along side each other. The Premier Male Division holds 12 teams each holding 7 players each and the Championship Male Division holds 13 teams again holding 7 players each. Total 175 male's players playing weekly.

Every Friday from 12 - 1pm we run Team 19 females where we currently have 4 teams playing all boosting 5 players each. The Females change weekly what type of football they play between 5 aside and futsal. Total 20 female's players playing weekly.

Who run's it?

Telford College has a unique programme in place known as the Football Focus Team (FFT or SMT) which is made up of 25students aged 16 to 19  with an interest in football. All the students are part of a scheme called Football Futures which is a programme to recruit, retain, develop, reward and provide a progressive pathway into the skilled football workforce. Unlike no other college Telford will provide all students who wish to be part of the FFT with free qualifications including FA level 1, FA level 2, FA Module 1, Disability Football, Respect Ambassadors and support them in the Referee qualification among others as well as providing them with Free kit and support within the community.

The FFT run Team 19 leagues at the college and support the College & Community Football Co-ordinator with all fixtures, results and promotion of Team 19 around the college then use the volunteer hours they gain to log in their volunteer books.

What they say about it?

Gemma Strong (Female Team 19 player) "It unites players all over TCAT and the country"

 Aqueel Ahmed (Male Team 19 Player) " Great way to make friends and keep fit"

 James Ganderton (FFT Member and Team 19 player) " It very approachable as its run by students for students"

 Sarah Nickless (FFT Member) "It's a great way for me to develop being involved with Team 19 and allows me to continue to build up my volunteer hours"

 Callum Griffin (FFT Member)"The online feature will allow players all over the country to get involved in a fun but competitive competition"  

 Janet Ellis (Telford College Principal & Chief executive) "It's a privilege and a pleasure to be part of Team 19 and a wonderful example of partnership between college BCS and the FA"

 Paul Young (Head of Sports Academy at Telford College) "It's a brilliant way to retain and progress young players within the college"

 Lewis Taylor (College and Community Co-ordinator) " Allows Students to take control of their football and put their own stamp on it"

 Dale Smallman (Head of sport at Telford College) "The vision is to have a brand which students and staff can relate to".

 Colin Walker (Vice Principal at Telford College) "Telford college is delighted to be at the forefront nationally of Youth Football, particularly in encouraging more young people in to the game, part of the FA's National  Game Strategy. The Launch of Team 19, highlighted for me the power of football and how collaboratively key stakeholders can help to change young people's lives"

 Jenny Hood (Tutor at Telford College) "It's a great place to guide all the players who wish to take part in football for the first time as it fun and easy to join"